About Us

Since 2006  Under the 7th Floor has partnered with our clients to communicate their messages with a clear, creative and bold voice. Located in the center of Sofia , Under the 7th Floor is known not only for its quality, but also for its approachability.


Rado IlievRado Iliev (Director)

Masters Graduate from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Rado is a film and TV director with over fifteen years of professional experience. He has directed numerous audio- visual projects. In addition to directing movies, comedies, documentaries and recorded concerts and TV programmes, he has directed live broadcast for reality shows for Bulgarian TV stations. Recent projects include the culinary show “Bon Appetite” and a reality show “Casting”.

Charlie JirovCharlie Jirov (Director of Photography)
Charlie’s cinematographic career started as child-actor. From 1993 to 2013 worked extensively in North America for the All Seasons Media, Major League Soccer and the Seattle Opera and his professional experience encompass music, media and videography. His recent European documentary projects include “Blessed are the Merciful“, filmed in 2014.


Petar Gaulov / Peppers (Art Director) Petar Gaulov  (Art  Director)
Petar is an artist, composer, musician and one of the founding members of “Under the 7th floor Studio” specialising in postproduction digital media productions and film projects realisation. His projects include the documentaries “Infinity Himalaya”,“City of Dreams”, “Blessed are the Merciful” and many more.